Have you ever wanted that your 100Rs actually gives you worth of 120Rs?

Didn’t you ever wish to get a freebie just after spending your hard-earned money online?

Do you want to make your online expenses count? give some value back in return?

Well, it’s payback time.

Welcome to Shop&Recharge!!

Thanks for showing an interest in knowing more about us. Don’t mistake it for one more have-seen-before-kinda online store. This is an endeavor to reward those who indulge in online shopping and spend their money online. We intend to bring all your online shopping under one umbrella and return you back some value of your money.

You shop from other online store via us; our online tracking system keeps track of your expenses, and then rewards you back with Mobile Recharge

Who are we?

We are a bunch of first generation entrepreneurs who have always been regular online buyers like you. Gradually this interest turned in to passion and eventually frutified into Shop&recharge. Since we belong to same world as of yours and we are part of same online shopping community, we believe that we understand you more and thus hope to serve you better.

Thanks for visiting our website. Don’t forget to drop us any suggestions/feedback to our mail id. Your opinion and trust do matter to us

Have a nice day!

Shopandrecharge Team